Memorial Day reflections

Memorial Day 2013 has come and gone... What we learned about customer service is that you can never prepare too much. We worked as a team and staged our rentals ahead of time by location and time of rental. We posted people at different locations in order to more effectively take care of customers. It was something like zone defense rather than one on one defense. It worked like a charm! Most days, we love to use the one on one strategy, because we like to connect personally with our customers, but Memorial Day is different, on that day, most customers do not want to chit chat and connect, they want to get on their projects! So, our efficiency was welcomed and rewarded with happy customers. As the owner of Ohio Rental, I was never more proud of our team. We smashed it out of the park on Saturday! Oh sure, we had a few bumps in the road, but even those we handled in stride and used respect with customers and each another. Ohio Rental really stepped up to the plate and I for one, was impressed. There is nothing better than putting in a good days work and walking away knowing two things; one, you did the best you could do and two, your best was good enough! That set up the ability to relax and enjoy the Memorial Day holiday with peace of mind. So, pardon me as I take a personal moment to give a big shout out to my rental staff! Thank you to Harvey, your prep work and attention to detail made the difference for us. Thank you to Joel, you take whatever we throw at you in stride and hit hard. Im impressed! Thank you to Brie, your help at the front counter was my salvation. Thank you to Ron, what can I say, you are my go to guy! You never stopped on Saturday. Thank you to Mike, your willingness to get the job done and help customers is awesome. Thank you to Travis, you rocked deliveries. We got em done because of your laser focus! Thank you to Bryce, you loaded and unloaded more stuff than I can count. Muscles. Thank you to Monroe, your hard work and willingness to help anywhere was awesome. Thank you to Bob, you killed those deliveries, and you encourage us all with your smile. Thank you to Jay, honestly, there are no words... I love you!  


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