The Ohio Rental Sales & Service Team

JAY MANERS: THE FUN BOSS Jay is our professional TROUBLE SHOOTER. If you have trouble? he can help! He is the most experienced member of our gang. He has been a professional equipment operator, trained by none other than our United States Air Force. He has worked as a licensed electrician, a block layer, a  building contractor,  a mechanic and much more. His years of experience and advice are available at no charge only here at Ohio Rental. ANGEL MANERS: THE OTHER BOSS Angel is Jay's LOVELY & EFFICIENT wife. She handles all the account and finance questions at Ohio Rental. She is also learning the complex art of marketing through trial and error. Do you like our radio ads, billboards, newspaper ads or this website? If so, please let her know, she needs all the encouragement she can get. BRYCE MANERS: THE NEXT GENERATION Bryce is joining our staff as a full time member this year. He has grown up in the industry and brings EXPERIENCE as a second generation small business owner and KNOWLEDGE with a college degree in Mechanical Engineering. If you need to know how to do something right, he is the guy to ask. You may see him delivering, servicing or repairing equipment, as well as helping customers. RON KEEN: AT YOUR SERVICE Ron Keen may be considered one of the HARDEST WORKING service technicians in Ohio.  His years of experience with equipment has made him a great addition to our service department. Ron loves to help customers and can always put a smile on your face. JOEL BEACHY: MECHANICAL SUPERHERO Joel Beachy maintains the Ohio Rental equipment fleet. His incredible MECHANICAL APTITUDE and eagerness to work on equipment sets him above the average mechanic. Most days you will find Joel covered in grease from head to toe, working hard to keep the equipment you need maintained and running well. MIKE MAWER: DELIVERY WITH A SMILE Mike Mawer has worked in the equipment rental business for over 20 years. His extensive experience and CDL license makes him stand out as a TRUSTED DELIVERY DRIVER in the rental industry. Mike works hard and treats customers with care and respect. Dependability along with a great attitude is what you will find here when you rent here at Ohio Rental.